Friday, December 30, 2016

Silicon of the Internet is moving!

After just one too many fights with Blogger, I've decided I've had enough.  And, well, it's a new year so might as well make the change now.

So I'm moving to a shiny new URL at Wordpress!


I've copied over all my posts and comments, and over the next few weeks will be posting a nice big header on all my posts here linking to their equivalents over at Wordpress!

I would super appreciate it if you update any links you may have to this blog. I won't be checking back here much, so any comments won't get replies. I won't delete it, but no further updates will come here. Check my shiny new Wordpress blog for all further posts :D

Early next week I'll have a new review on the Love Beyond anthology, 2017 goals, and more ON THE NEW BLOG!

Come say hi and spread the word!


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