Star Rating System

***** = 5 stars
  • Incoherent with excitement. This book was freaking amazing! I will be flailing about it for a while.
**** = 4 stars
  • Very good! I really liked it! I will definitely check out the next one / other books.
*** = 3 stars
  • I liked it. It was pretty good. Not awful, but not exceptional. Just a nice book. It is not unlikely that I will check out the next book / other books. Many debut books fall into this category for me.
** = 2 stars
  • Ugh. Did not like. Maybe it had multiple writing issues, maybe there were overarching problems that took me out of the story--no particular desire to check out more books.
* = 1 star
  • Nooooo. Could not finish. Did not want to finish. Absolutely definitely not my cup of tea. Major writing issues probable.

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